How time flies. While browsing through Audible, the auto recommendation from Amazon is so powerful that I have to say that I will like most of the books that it provides me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 6.29.20 PM.png

screenshot of th recommendation from Amazon

But hey, here is the problem. At the time that algorithms knows us better than ourselves, if we are only in touch with ideas/ thoughts/ news that will please us, we will become more ignorant and isolated than ever before. The world is never flat, and we have a limited amount of information intake.

Maybe instead of algorithms that provide us similarity and favor, we should also have diversity and argue. It is the free travel of information that made us great but if we build an invisible wall between us and the real world, or even the unwitting of the mistake of building the wall, it could be really dangerous.

—————————— the year of 2017——————————-


Didn’t update for such a long time.I’m actually moving to a new site.  I’ve developed my hobby of machine learning. Here are some notes about how to install Tensorflow on Mac.

Some basics about Tensorflow.

Tensorflow is a library of deep learning. I always backup my laptop before installing things like that. Since I’m a muggle for code,I need to have a plan B :p


Still struggling for tuition. Useful links


Happy for having such a variety of audience!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.43.18 AM

And my site has a steady growth! 鼓掌鼓掌鼓掌!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 7.15.46 AM


Hesitating between offers from ACCD and EIT. Both are wonderful programs. And waiting for offers from Frog and Continuum.


Working on some little start-ups and their design. Very challenging but exciting. There’s another project for Hakka House in Fujian. Great to be occupied.

Virtual Experience Websites:

Virtual Shanghai:


Quite nervous about the offers… Getting more and more nervous…. Watched the Experimenter, recommended by Saurabh. Fight for a seat in the portfolio slam !! Will have another interview from Continuum this Friday…Hope I can go to one agency so that I won’t hover too much and know more about the society.  To much happening recently. GOGO FIGHTING!Experimenter_Poster


Been a long time. Am planning to move the whole site to a new server and a lot to do. Hope will finish this month. 🙂


Having a lot of trouble moving my site to the new host… Wish everything will be fine tomorrow. Finally, catch up with my swimming routine. List of courses taken on Coursera recently.


Instead of writing my letter of intent, I was listening to lectures from MIT about the book Gödel, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey. The book is here 

find ATRL in Ireland. But they only have doctoral programs.

10th. Jan

Time flies.

Here is the summary for the city of electrum.

This is an installation in an old telescope TV, a technology that is out-dated thus was abandoned.  


Happy new year!

And what a year 2015! If I have to coin the word of the year. It’s probably Emotional and Personal. But despite all the shadows and overviewing private issues on a public blog that is written to wittiness my footprint of my future study and career, it’s better to have a vision for the upcoming year.

No matter where I would be in a few months, the aim of further studying is fixed. And here are some of the fields that I would like to know better about.


#synthetic biology

#computing theory#


#cognitive psychology # 

#quantum computing #

And as an academic report for 2015. I was more interested in

#finance theory#,#sharism#… Probably need to look through my notebook.

————————————————————-Was thinking about all the stuff that I have learnt in this half year and need to put them into my personal statement.

Learned about Goldilocks Conditions.

cool sites for studying


Cognitive surplus a term coined by Clay Shirky. interesting.

Video of the performance in Leicester.


Update for the installation.

Bought a plasma ball. Hope to control it and have some Aurora in Electrum.


About the commision.

Today worked on the installation.

–Want to name it by the Town of Electrum. Electrum is a word that I found interesting while searching the etymology of electricity.  The speculation goes this way. In another unknown dimensionality, electricity can be generated by the concentration or attention given by human. It can be stored and steadily released. Thus the town of Electrum is powered by such a power that is stored in an old TV, built in the year 1987 and was in service for around 15 years in Family Li and finally put into their Garage. The buttons on the control panel before will be the hand of God and be able to change the weather in this speculative town that is built only by electronics. Weather that could be a special electrical wave like aurora or a magnetic storm that is created by an electrical magnet and iron sand.

–Find Searl Effect very interesting.

— Took photos of people that have helped me during the project.

With Hou

9th. Dec

watched    69

maybe use data bend and giltch for the performance???


5th.Dec 2015

Had a look at

30th.Nov 2015

Finish studying python.

9th.Nov  2015

I am preparing for Faces of Remembrance and contacted Prof. Sijia and Prof. Sun Qing at Fuand Uni. Learned about Flow and Immersive Design.


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